“Scientists” encompasses a broad range of disciplines involved in the development and deployment of emerging technology in society, and as a consequence whose obligation it is to ensure that these technologies are not allowed to be used cause inhuman harm. These include engineers, physicists, chemists, biologists, physicians, economists, public health professionals, social scientists and everything in between.

Inhumane Weapons:

“Inhumane Weapons:” Throughout the history of science, new breakthroughs can be harnessed to help or to harm, for good or for evil. For example breakthroughs in nuclear physics could be used peacefully for power, or to create nuclear weapons. Breakthroughs in biology to cure disease or create bioweapons. Breakthroughs in chemistry to create new the building blocks of new materials, or to create chemical weapons. Today, breakthroughs in artificial intelligence could be used to transform society for the better, or to create fully autonomous weapons systems.

Our Goal: A Ban on LAWS

The potential creation of  lethal autonomous weapons systems (LAWS) follows many historical precedents in which, scientists from a variety of disciplines have joined together to educate and advocate against turning science into inhumane weapons. Their efforts were instrumental in the bans of chemical, biologic and nuclear weapons. It is our goal at SAIWE to ensure that we ensure that we join together again so that breakthroughs in computer science and artificial intelligence are used to the betterment of society, and that their weaponization and inhuman use never comes to pass.

Scientists Against Inhumane Weapons is a 501(c)4 non profit organization.